About Me

As a writer and dramatist I know what it takes to tell a good story. As a strategist and coach I have a passion for problem solving and helping others. As an academic I have the science and philosophy to support my methodology. This intersection of creativity, strategy and academia ensures my coaching and training is robust and long-lasting.

Public Speaker: Highlights include sharing a panel with actress Vanessa Redgrave at her inaugural Humanitas lecture at Oxford University, being interviewed at the Southbank Festival of Ideas and speaking at Kneehigh Theatre’s Asylum in Cornwall. For more information on my public speaking and how to book me as a speaker click here.

Experience: I have over five years of experience working for national charities (Action for Happiness & Student Hubs), think tanks (Young Foundation) and environmental campaigns (Eradicating Ecocide).

Leader: I was Director of the Eradicating Ecocide Initiative. For this work I was shortlisted for the Sheila McKechnie Foundation Environmental Campaigner Award, 2011.

Writer: I have written articles for The Guardian, Our World 2.0, Resurgence & Ecologist and Open Democracy. My plays have been performed in Oxford and London. I am a prize-winning short story writer and have completed the Novel Writing course with literary agency Curtis Brown.

Academic: I have a BA with Exhibition in Psychology and Philosophy and an MSc with Distinction in Nature, Society and Environmental Policy, both from the University of Oxford. I was shortlisted for the Busuttil Domus Prize for Government and Politics for my MSc dissertation: The Happiness Agenda: Opening the black box of national well-being in the UK.

Publications include:

  • The Common Language of Story, a chapter in the book Thinking About Behaviour Change: An Interdisciplinary Dialogue printed by the Centre for Behaviour Change at UCL.

Image by Peter Morey, drawn at the IFF Seminar: A Matter of Facts, 11/5/17
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