I run workshops for people involved in making change – be you a campaigner, social entrepreneur, sustainability expert, activist, local community organiser, transformer of business, policy maker, academic and/or artist. These workshops harness the power of storytelling, listening and empathy to make you a more creative, resilient and thoughtful change-maker.

Stories For A Change

Whatever change it is that you’re making, make it better with stories.

There are multiple 2 hour workshops in this series including: Narrative Skills for Professionals, Building Community with Stories and The New Myths. Each event is standalone but all work together to equip you with robust and creative storytelling tools, a broadened imagination and the ability to apply these skills to improving the work that you do.

The series first ran at Impact Hub Islington from July – September 2017, it will be back.


Where storytelling meets change-making with mythical consequences.

This all-day workshop looks at the power and pervasiveness of mythology. You will craft stories with heart, depth and hope. Stories that don’t shy away from the truth but can offer direction as well. Stories of change that are even bigger than the problems the world is facing. In other words, myths.

The first Myth-Makers workshop was held on Sunday 22nd October at Impact Hub Islington.

Queer Warriors

Workshops for the LGBTQIA+ community and its allies, which combine exploration of identity, empowerment and storytelling skills. We find our voices as we create queer characters from across genres and face them with many a plot device. I blogged about Queer Warriors here.

To date, I have run Queer Warrior workshops for Activate LDN, 56 Dean Street, Lush, Impact Hub Islington and STRIKE! Magazine.

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