Coaching takes training in communication and engagement to the next level. One-to-one sessions focus on equipping you with the best tools for crafting great stories. We then apply these skills to the issues you face. Whether you need to inspire your team, want a creative approach to strategy or have a presentation to give, the skills of story have wide applicability. You will also be given assignments for between sessions be it developing your story, exploring popular culture (e.g. fiction, film, music) and learning from best/worst practice.

Whether it’s one session or many, coaching begins a conversation about what you want and what tools you need to get it. I draw on my degree in Psychology and Philosophy, my experience as a leader, team manager and mentor across sectors (including charity, academia and campaigns), the pioneering work of David Drake in the field of narrative coaching, my work as a writer and storyteller, as well as my own life experiences to ensure the coaching I offer is robust, enduring and fulfilling.

If you are interested in coaching please do contact me and we can begin with a short conversation (on the phone, on Skype, face-to-face) to explore your needs and how I can best meet them.

Further reading:

  • Narrative Coaching by David B Drake, PhD
  • Telling The Story by Geoff Mead
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