“I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside Robert as a member of Narrative Leadership Associates and enjoyed his engaging and effective style of group facilitation. Beware…his passion for story and it’s power to change the world is contagious!”

Dr Geoff Mead, Director, Centre for Narrative Leadership

“Robert is a skilled and convincing advocate for the role of story in shaping our world. My own experience of being in one of his workshops was to realise that in re-telling part of my life, where I overcame a challenge, I gained a deeper understanding of the processes at work and my own agency. Good learning which I now apply to other parts of my life.”

Isabel Carlisle, Education Co-ordinator, Transition Network

“A lot of the content was counter-intuitive, especially to academics used to giving very laborious proofs. I think this course ought to be compulsory for all Graduate School of Life Sciences students.”

Researcher, Cambridge University

“Robert is a skilled and thoughtful trainer. He combines a deep knowledge of his field of expertise with an empathy for the group he is working with. His creativity and intellectual engagement from planning to delivery means his workshops have been extremely well received by our team.”

Robbie Semple, Executive Director, Worthwhile

“I was not sharing my research, I was sharing my feelings – and while my passion is research, rather than feelings, this, being about emotions, felt like the best talk I have ever given.”

Irina Polyakhina, Researcher at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics (full article here)

“I was very impressed by Robert’s storytelling workshop – he uses his years of experience in different sectors to provide a truly unique and compelling introduction to story. For the workshop he provided an insightful analysis of storytelling and how stories are used in everyday life; he offered practical tools for telling stories and demonstrated how narrative skills can be used for professional development. I am now much more confident at using stories in my work and use them to inspire people.”

Anna Machin, Director, Talk to Me

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