Public Speaking

I speak on a range of issues including storytelling, public engagement, facts, translating evidence, philosophy, politics, the environment, community building and empathy.

Previous experience includes speaking alongside Vanessa Redgrave at her inaugural Humanitas lecture at Oxford University, at the Southbank Festival of Ideas, at Kneehigh Theatre’s Asylum in Cornwall, at the Oxford Brookes Human Rights Festival, at Warwick University’s Climate Forum and at Linacre College, Oxford University.

Please use the contact form if you would like to book me for a speaking event.

Recent Events:

11th May: A Matter of Facts – The Art of Translating Evidence, hosted by IFF Research.

IFF Research convened an audience of policy and research professionals, senior decision makers and research commissioners to explore the challenges facing the world of research and analysis. The speakers were tasked with looking at how we can overcome the scepticism around facts and better engage audiences through the use of storytelling techniques and data visualisation. See the video below for my keynote speech.


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