How It Works

Bespoke training focuses on a range of core elements crucial in effective communication and engagement. These include storytelling, listening and empathy. You are guided through the practical application of these elements to your own work.

    • Storytelling: when you communicate with stories, people remember. Humans thrive off storytelling and this aspect of the training includes exploring the fundamentals of a good story – character, plot and texture. You are guided through telling your own story and/or the stories of your organisation and receive feedback. The science and philosophy that underpins story is examined.

    • Listening: active listening is crucial in allowing people to work together effectively. A range of exercises hone your listening skills to enhance how you work with colleagues and engage clients, stakeholders and other key audiences.

    • Empathy: when you see the world from someone else’s perspective you are empathising with them. Better understanding your peers and audiences allows you to cater your messages appropriately and ensure you speak the same language. Various activities are employed to help you develop your ability to empathise.

    • Application:  these newfound skills are applied to your needs and the issues that you and your organisastion face. Whether you want to boost confidence in public speaking, foster trust within your team or strengthen leadership, the skills of storytelling, listening and empathy have wide application.

Longer workshops more thoroughly explore these core elements. For example, with storytelling, you are introducted to the importance of conflict, metaphor, emotion, message and theme. More time is spent practising storytelling, receiving detailed feedback, sharing stories within the group and exploring the application of these skills. More tools are provided to ensure you leave the workshop with the ability to craft compelling stories and apply the skills of narrative training.

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