Communication means knowing and delivering your message with impact. Engagement means building relationships with authenticity. All workshops draw on the power of storytelling, listening and empathy to enhance your ability to communicate with greater clarity and engage others more meaningfully.

Who’s it for?

  • Leaders, teams, managers, public speakers, coaches, entrepreneurs, innovators, strategists, interviewees, academics, researchers, designers, public liaison & outreach officers, writers, artists, lecturers and teachers.

Which sectors?

  • Business, marketing, design, academia, education, policy, public engagement, think tanks, charity, fundraising, environment, social enterprise, activism, entertainment, theatre, oral storytelling and creative writing.

How long is a workshop?

  • From two hours to two days workshops are catered to suit your timetable and budget. Short-term training that focuses on key areas can be provided as can long-term training that seeks to embed culture change.

What can it be used for?

  • Internal and external communications, presentations, marketing, advertising, PR, campaigns, public speaking, interview skills, creative approaches to strategy, building trust within teams, improving relations between people, personal development, public engagement, charting the past/present/future of an organisation, change management, entertainment.

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